The Tinker Cart Platform

Super Humanics Ltd – Making so many STEM ideas come to life. ‘How to’ built in advice and projects with the tools to make it happen. practical tools, media and equipment. The Tinker Cart, made EF Furniture Ltd, is a mobile STEM resource toolbox. It contains machinery like a 3D Printer, power tools, small sewing machines etc and a range of Hand tools and ‘making’ media that covers electronics, wood and light metal making, as well as arts and crafts materials all designed to encourage students to start their STEM journeys by making innovative models and prototypes of their ideas to test them in the real world. It encourages them to use ‘Systems’ thinking by not providing kitsets where that has all been done. It encourages them to ‘hack’ old machines, new ideas and improve on them or repurpose them. It provides information on how to do this through projects and easy to access ‘How to’ information and stimulating ideas found in the Tinker Carts support materials such as the Tinker Times. The Cart will soon be computerised and have its own ‘self supply’ mechanisms and marketplace. It already has its own Learning management and curriculum platform in the on-line ‘Super Tinker Platform’. A Junior version and a Mini version are available. STEM starts from wondering how things work; how they are made. The Tinker Cart provides the resources to take the next step from ‘wondering’. It is a major part of Step 2 in the inquiry cycle – Make it work.