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  • Engineering with Beca

    Engineering with Beca

    Beca – Come and discover how engineers find solutions for transportation – by road, air and water.

  • Facepainting at STEMFest

    Facepainting at STEMFest

    Face painting with Andrea and Sandi – Get into the festival mood at our face-painting station. Fun for all ages!

  • Electric Cart Showcase

    Electric Cart Showcase

    EVolocity – A showcase of a finalist team’s cart for a nationwide EV building competition! Our display is an electric cart built by high school students for a nationwide engineering competition. It is built for racing, and has to take into account several race types centred around manoeuvrability, economy, and pure speed. The students have…

  • UBCO Bikes

    UBCO Bikes

    UBCO – A chance to see and learn about the iconic and locally engineered UBCO 2X2, and hear about the exciting things our team are doing in awesome careers.

  • NZ Aquabot challenge

    NZ Aquabot challenge

    Ministry of Inspiration – NZAquaBots is New Zealand’s only underwater robotics programme. At this workshop, participants will be able to design engineer at ‘hackabot’ to complete a challenge underwater! Can you collect kai? Can you save the trapped dolphin? Test your skills and see if you can! Microbots – This hands-on activity will have participants…

  • Giant bubbles

    Giant bubbles

    STEM Wana Trust – Bubble blowing is a fun example of chemistry! We invite visitors to experiment with homemade giant bubble wands and discover a bit of math, engineering, and science (chemistry and physics) as well as having lots of fun.

  • Discover Electric Vehicles and Car Sharing

    Discover Electric Vehicles and Car Sharing

    GoTo Car Share – Come and explore the fleet and discover more about EVs. Car sharing isn’t only convenient it’s also transforming how many people commute while benefiting our environment. It provides significant financial and social benefits offering forward-thinking public transport solutions to the parking problem in any modern city.

  • Pumping for water

    Pumping for water

    Xylem – Discover and learn how water is potentially transported in many countries where availability of electricity is either scarce or not available at all, we will be using the SAAJHI pump in a competition whereby those visiting the stand can fill a tank of water over a period of time. We will measure the…

  • Our Water – From Source to Sea

    Our Water – From Source to Sea

    Tauranga City Council Water – Come along to the Tauranga City Council STEM presentation and learn about the journey of our local water from source to sea. We will look at conservation and sustainability of drinking water, pollution of stormwater, and treatment of wastewater. You will see where our water comes from, how it is…

  • School to Skies

    School to Skies

    School to Skies NZDF – Have you ever wondered how a plane flies? Or would you rather have your feet planted firmly on the ground? The Royal New Zealand Air Force -School to Skies team are showcasing the many aviation STEM career pathways on offer through their hands on display. Tinker with our Grumman aircraft,…

  • Drone Cage – How Low Can You Go?

    Drone Cage – How Low Can You Go?

    Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research lead the research and development of remote sensing of the terrestrial environment in New Zealand. Working in this space since the 1970’s, it is no surprise that our research teams are at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting edge technologies and methods to monitor and better understand the environment. Come along…

  • Bridges to Schools

    Bridges to Schools

    Institution of Civil Engineers – Come and be an engineer for the day. Get hands-on and build a 13 metre long exhibition bridge! Bridge building times 11am, 1pm, and 3pm.