Frequently Asked Questions

If the festival is free to attend, why do I need to get a ticket?

The festival is spread over a block of Durham Street as well as in several buildings. For health and safety reasons we must maintain a safe capacity of visitors throughout the day. Ticketing the event allows us to plan for visitor numbers and manage safety effectively. The safety and comfort of our visitors is paramount.

Tickets are sold out! How do I get mine?

Please subscribe to our mailing list so that we can keep you up to date with any cancelled orders or new releases.

Will there be tickets on the door on the day?

Unfortunately there will not be any tickets on the door on the day. Please do not turn up without a ticket as you will not be granted entry. This is due to keeping within safe capacity of numbers and ensuring that there is no over-crowding.

I want to volunteer, can I bring my child with me if I promise to supervise them?

While we would love to encourage young people to volunteer, our Public Liability Insurance will not cover anyone under the age of 18. Also, the duties we ask our wonderful Volunteers to assist with is not suitable with a child in tow. We ask that all volunteers be 18 years and over to satisfy legal and health and safety requirements. Besides, we want your child to be enjoying the festival as a much valued guest, not as a ‘worker’ 🙂