Category: Exhibitors 2023

  • DroneDeploy


    At DroneDeploy, we build the important software that enables robots like Spot from Boston Dynamics to autonomously inspect assets, monitor progress of building sites, and check for issues. Ground robots give engineers “eyes on the ground” without needing to set foot on-site; they can carry lots of different payloads – including 360 cameras, thermal and…

  • Tauranga Astronomical Society

    Tauranga Astronomical Society

    Tauranga Astronomical Society presents “Astronomy 101” – our fun and interactive introduction to the solar system, planets, stars and beyond! Join us as we compare the size of moons, planets and stars. How big is the Moon compared to the Earth? How far away is the Moon? How big is the Sun? Try our Gravity…

  • Datacom


    Datacom is NZ’s largest homegrown tech company so it’s really important to us that we help grow local talent and create pathways into tech careers, which are really rewarding. Come meet us and discover more about AI and VR.

  • Analytica Laboratories

    Analytica Laboratories

    At Analytica Laboratories, we perform food and environmental testing for many industries across New Zealand. Our exhibit will give you hands on experience with lab equipment, by allow you to create a magical potion!

  • Tauranga City Council – Waterline

    Tauranga City Council – Waterline

    The Tauranga City Council Waterline team is back for STEMFest 2023. Families of all ages can be involved as we discover how floating wetlands, stormwater ponds, raingardens and litter traps work. Learn about what can pollute our stormwater network and some of the filtration methods we use to promote a healthy ecosystem. Enter our stormwater…

  • FireNZ


    Come see a Kitchen Fire Demonstration & learn more about Home Fire Safety.

  • Page Macrae

    Page Macrae

    Meet an iconic New Zealand engineeering company who are passionate about providing engineering solutions to their customers. As one of the largest employers of mechanical engineers they have over 200 full-time employees, apprentices and contractors.

  • Beca – Engineering

    Beca – Engineering

    Discover engineering with a world-class engineers living and working right here in Tauranga.