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  • Tinkd Makerspace

    Tinkd Makerspace

    STEM Wana Trust – If you love tinkering and taking things apart then you’re a maker. Come discover more about robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl signage and clothing, textiles, electronics, computing and so much more. Get hands on and practical with our makers.

  • Engineer Your World

    Engineer Your World

    University of Auckland: Faculty of Engineering WIE and SPIES – Students and staff from the Faculty of Engineering are at hand to answer all your burning questions about studying and working in Engineering, while you have a go at creating and testing your own designs in our engineering. Design, build, and test fire your own…

  • UFO Spinners

    UFO Spinners

    Cool Bananas – A make-and-take station, where kids can create a ‘U.F.O. Spinner’ (Unidentified Fidgeting Object) out of things that can’t be recycled, as a reminder of sustainability.